Bringing special quality products from China to Australia and from Australia to China



About Us

Our company specializes in specific trade arrangements between Australian and Chinese Conpanies. We facilitate and organize import and export of large scale supplies of products from China to Australia and Australia to China. This can also involve the participation of companies from other parts of Asia.

Our current active operations are focused on products from China which supply the oil and mining industry. WE are supplying a very large company in Western Australia with large quantities of CMC and PAC -  important products used in oil production and the processing of minerals [see details  below].


We are the Australian representatives of Ever Bright Ltd which is based in China and which distributes CMC and related products all over the world. Ever Bright has two major factories in China for the production of high quality CMC.

Bringing special quality products from China to Australia and from Australia to China


Our Managing Director and our dedicated team assist in importing the products listed below from China. We also assist Chinese companies in buying or selling from Australia. We communicate with companies in both English and Chinese.

Our Products

We are interested in a range of products for import from, and export to, China. Currently our focus is on the following products:

Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC)

Products to assist Oilfields Eploration and Production

Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

Products to assist Mining and Procesing of minerals


Supply of food [especially milk] to China

Our Services

We are experienced at providing large volumes of PAC and CMC to cients in Australia.

Our company is able to supply you with large quantities of the CMC at reasonable prices. We can sell you our own special Ever Bright mining products with standard specifications and/or we can produce a product to your specification.Shipping arrangements can be made by us. (Please see more information below)..

We are seeking to expand the supply of our high quality CMC to other oil and mineral companies in Australia and in the Pacific region.


About Us

We are an orgganization that has developed considerable experience in the field of organizing import and export arrangements between Australia and China.

Our current focus has been on our arrangement with Ever Bright Inndustries in the supply of large volumes of CMC and PAC product to Western Australia.

However we are already working on expanding our business into the Food industry and other import export opportubities.

Our Managing Director

Founder Managing Director
Founder Managing Director

The Founder and manager of AATEG is Mr David Ni. Mr Ni is an active businessman of thirty years experience, working in Sydney. In additioin to AATEG, David is the owner and manager of Australian Chinese News Weekly, which publishes three Chinese languages papers in Australia. This includes the Australian Chinese Weekly which has been publishing for more than 20 years.

About Our Partner

Founder Managing Director
Ever Bright Limited in China

Shanghai Ever Bright Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer in China of Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) and Xanthan gum. Its products are distributed globally. “Ever Bright” branded products have gained a reputation within many industries for quality and performance. Our company has been honored with customer satisfaction and certificates of ISO, API, REACH and etc. In Australia, Ever Bright products are distributed through our company, the Australia-Asian Trades and Event Group (AATEG).


CMC Products

As already indicated, our CMC products noted above are specially modified, so that they will achieve the above functions to a maximum level. Products listed below are typical examples of mineral processing CMC products.

However, our products can be further fully customized based on the customer's needs and requirements.

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